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4 Hairstyles to Try This Autumn

The new season could mean a new hairstyle. Unfortunately, for many, going to the salon is a stressful situation that’s better put off. We understand! Letting your hairdresser do as they see fit is always risky, but choosing a hairstyle to request can be overwhelming, especially if you’re concerned about showing off thinning hair. However, a new hairstyle is nothing to stress over when you follow our simple style guide. These four styles that you can do yourself will have you looking your best (and your hair looking its fullest) this autumn.


Loose Waves

This look is perfect for those with longer or layered hair, using the waves to bring movement and body. Starting out with clean, dry hair, section off and clip back the crown area. This section will be treated last. Using a curling iron, take small sections and work your way around your head. Allow the waves to cool and then unclip the crown area. Wave the remaining hair and allow for it to cool. Next, backcomb the crown area for added volume. To backcomb, brush the underside of the section toward the roots, starting a few inches from scalp. Use Thicker Fuller Hair’s Weightless Volumizing Hairspray to give the wave maximum lift.

Curled Ends

This style works for both short and long hair, giving the appearance of fullness at the tips of your hair without appearing too overwhelming. Start with damp hair and apply Thicker Fuller Hair’s Instantly Thick Serum. Using a medium-sized round brush, blow-dry small sections. After each section is dry, roll the ends into a curl and secure with a bobby pin. Allow hair to cool and unclip. Run your fingers through your hair and use Thicker Fuller Hair’s Weightless Volumizing Hairspray to lock the curls in.


Tousled Shag

If you notice that thinning is most prominent around your forehead, this style is perfect for you. Start out with towel-dried hair and apply Thicker Full Hair’s Instantly Thick Serum throughout, making sure to distribute well around the top of the head. Next, use your fingers to tousle your hair toward the forehead. Make sure you don’t plaster the hair flat against the forehead, rather allow the serum to give your hair volume. To make sure your hair doesn’t get too “shaggy,” use some Thicker Fuller Hair Weightless Volumizing Hairspray to keep it under control.

Slicked Back

To achieve the slicked back look, you’ll need to grow out the front of your hair longer than the back. Use a generous amount of Thicker Fuller Hair’s Instantly Thick Serum post-shower. With your fingers, slick your hair towards the back of your head. You can go for a more polished slick back or you can give it a messier, more relaxed look.

Which of these looks are you most excited to try?

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