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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions


Once the big countdown and ball drop are just a memory, many of us start considering the other big part of New Year’s: our resolutions. And while it can feel liberating to set these resolutions in place, it can feel equally discouraging when these goals fall quickly to the wayside in the midst of the everyday lives we’re used to. Here are four simple tricks to ensure your January 1 pacts continue to impact you for months to come.

Write It Down
Our minds are capable of countless thoughts that often change faster than we can even keep up with. Writing down your resolutions will help you to really connect with your goals and desires, in addition to letting you focus on the ones you think need the most attention. Once you have this step in place, try to set aside five minutes each week to revisit your goals and chart your progress. If you find you’re having difficulty in one area, don’t jump to negative conclusions; rather, try to evaluate what the root of the problem is and how to reassess your action plan. For example, if you’ve opted to get to bed earlier but have found it difficult due to a recent uproar in dinner plans, aim to schedule more daytime get-togethers, such as lunches and coffee dates.

Be Consistent
Getting into a routine helps with nearly any goal. As you become more and more used to your new way of life, the goal you’re striving for becomes more and more achievable. For example, the first few times at the gym might be extremely challenging, but the more you go, the easier it becomes. After a few weeks, the gym is part of your daily ritual. Similarly, if one of your goals is achieving thicker, fuller hair, make sure to bath daily and consistently use Thicker Fuller Hair Revitalizing Shampoo and Weightless Conditioner. A lack of consistency can typically be a surefire way to end up forgetting about resolutions entirely.

Have An Accountability Partner
We often can take on too much pressure as individuals, including the goals we set for ourselves. In times like these, turn to a friend, significant other, or family member for support and accountability counsel. While it might feel vulnerable at first, sharing such details with a loved one will help to keep you on track thanks to frequent conversations, check-ins, and the sheer notion that someone else knows your plan.

Don’t Forget to Celebrate
With all the hard work you’re putting into your resolution, don’t forget to celebrate! Just ensure that your revelries don’t contradict your goal. If you’ve cut out sugar, for example, nix the cookie and reward yourself instead with a massage. If your resolution pertains to spending more time honoring yourself, then make every day a tiny celebration. Carve out time in your schedule for a small, simple treats like a bubble bath or a good night’s rest.

What are your biggest New Year’s resolutions this year?

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