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Thicker Fuller Hair In the News Fall 2015

While Fall brought colder temperatures and excuses for hats to match, Thicker Fuller Hair fans had no fear letting their locks flow. With a number of excellent products to combat thinning hair, Fall became a great chance to show off gorgeous haircuts and styles.

All-Over Shedding? Try a Caffeine Serum – First for Women
Explaining how applying a caffeine-infused serum can stimulate scalp circulation to promote hair growth, this excellent article provided a great primer on the benefits of Thicker Fuller Hair.

Thicker Fuller Hair® Wants to Give You a Celeb-Inspired Makeover – Coffee for Mom
This informative article gave a great overview of Thicker Fuller Hair’s Makeover in NYC contest, which gave fans the chance to win a trip to the Big Apple!

Product Review: Thicker Fuller Hair – Fabulous Forever

Noting that Thicker Fuller Hair products made their hair softer, shinier and fuller, this reviewer couldn’t say enough about how pleased they were with their results.

High Ridge Brands – The Celebrity Café
This excellent article from The Celebrity Café explained a High Ridge Brands sweepstakes that gave eager fans a chance to win products from their favorite brands including LA Looks, La Bella and Thicker Fuller Hair.