Where can I buy Thicker Fuller Hair® products?
Please visit our Where to Buy page, located here, to see which major retailers carry Thicker Fuller Hair® products. Please note the retailer may not carry the full line of products, or it may be available only in a limited number of stores. You can also order from online retailer sites or Drugstore.com.
What can I do if I am unsatisfied with my purchase?
For easy refunds and replacements, return the product to the point of purchase with your original receipt.
Are your products safe for color-treated hair?
Thicker Fuller Hair® products will not change the color of your hair. Thicker Fuller Hair® Revitalizing Shampoo is not designed specifically for color-treated hair as it is not sulfate free nor is it developed to help preserve color. This is comparable to other
national brand shampoos and their effects on color-treated hair.
How should I use the Thinning Hair Treatment?
To achieve the desired benefits, Thinning Hair Treatment must be applied daily. Apply 5 pumps of the foam directly to your scalp once per day. For best results, apply to just-washed or clean scalp. Do not rinse out. Style as usual with our Weightless Volumizing Hairspray and Instantly Thick Serum.
My scalp tingles when using these products. Is that normal?
It is normal to experience a mild tingling sensation when using Thicker Fuller Hair® products. This can be attributed to the Cell-U-Plex pure plant extracts, caffeine energizers, and Marine Flora Complex helping to stimulate your hair follicles and scalp.
How can I find out the expiration date of my product?
Thicker Fuller Hair® products can be used for up to 12 months after opening. Our Weightless Volumizing Hairspray can be used for up to 24 months after opening.
Can you send me samples or coupons?
We do not offer Thicker Fuller Hair® samples at this time. Please visit our online offer page for coupons you can print at home.
The product won’t dispense from the hairspray nozzle (or serum pump). What should I do?
Run the nozzle or pump under warm water to help unclog the dispenser, or try using a pin to remove any buildup. If the product still won’t dispense, please use the Contact form located here to provide your information and we’ll be glad to assist you.
I loved your Root Lift & Bodifying Spray product. Where can I find it?
Root Lift & Bodifying Spray has been discontinued, but we recommend Thicker Fuller Hair® Instantly Thick Serum or Weightless Volumizing Hairspray for styling.
I’m interested in selling Thicker Fuller Hair® products. Who should I contact?
Please use the Contact form located here to inquire about distributor opportunities.
Are Thicker Fuller Hair® products gluten-free?
Yes, all Thicker Fuller Hair® products are gluten-free.
What can I do if I have a defective product?
For easy refunds and replacements, return the product to the point of purchase with your original register receipt.