Scalp Care – Thicker Fuller Hair

healthy-looking hair starts at the scalp

Seriously. While many factors can contribute to thin and thinning hair, a healthy scalp will provide the optimal conditions for thicker, fuller-looking hair.

Think of the scalp as an extension of your face – if you never cleaned your face, you would have a less than ideal situation on your hands. Same thing goes for your scalp. By feeding it the right diet of nutrients, your scalp pores are clear and ready to foster thick, full, healthy-looking hair.

understanding the causes of thinning hair


Thinning hair can be a family affair. Genetic influences from one or both parents can define your predisposition for thin and thinning hair. Thanks a lot Mom and Dad!


Achieving your favorite styles can be hurting your hair. Aggressive brushing, the chemicals in styling products, and hair coloring treatments can all damage hair strands and ruin the health of your scalp. Damaged strands + unhealthy scalp = thinning hair.


If you’re not feeling healthy, your hair isn’t either. Illness and poor nutrition can impact your overall health including the health of your head leading to thinning hair. Your head needs a balanced diet and proper care just as much as you do.


When you feel stressed, your hair does too. Get this: something you experienced four to sixteen weeks ago is becoming noticeable in your hair right now. So that stressful thing that happened last month might be contributing to your thinning hair now.


Nature can be a real mother, and your meds can be too. Starting or stopping certain medications can contribute to thinning hair.


There are many hormonal irregularities that can affect your hair. For women, pregnancy, irregular menstrual cycles, polycystic ovarian syndrome, menopause can all cause hair to thin.