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Summer In The News

Get Thicker Fuller Hair Without all the Expense — Beauty Brite Stacy shared the Thicker Fuller Hair regimen as the best way to restore thickness to your locks without breaking the bank! Beauty & The Best – BeautyNewsNYC Included the Thicker Fuller Hair Serum as “Samson’s Secret” to build more body! Hair Thinning? […]

Spring In The News

Thicker Fuller Hair Instantly Thick Serum Review — Cassandra M’s Place Cassandra reviewed Thicker Fuller Hair as an easy way to achieve a grease-free, full look for thin hair! Whenever I Style My Curly Hair, it Just Ends Up Frizzy, Help! — Closer April Issue Closer touted Thicker Fuller Hair Instantly Thick Serum […]

Winter in the News

Winter weather can make a woman worry about her hair. But fans of Thicker, Fuller Hair know how to keep their hair under control in any situation! Spa Day Beauty from Head to Toe – BIAF Because I Am Fabulous recommended Thicker Fuller Hair Revitalizing Shampoo and Weightless Conditioner for effortlessly beautiful hair. Thicker, Fuller […]

Thicker Fuller Hair In the News Fall 2015

While Fall brought colder temperatures and excuses for hats to match, Thicker Fuller Hair fans had no fear letting their locks flow. With a number of excellent products to combat thinning hair, Fall became a great chance to show off gorgeous haircuts and styles. All-Over Shedding? Try a Caffeine Serum – First for Women Explaining […]

Thicker Fuller Hair in the News Summer 2015

For more than 20 years, we’ve been the secret behind people’s thicker, fuller hair. This summer, fans have been in love with our unique Marine Flora Complex that makes the product you know even better. Hear what the media and bloggers have to say. Thicker Fuller Hair is Asking for Celebrity ‘Hair-Heros’ on Facebook – […]

Medical Conditions and Thinning Hair

Many take great pride in their hair, and why shouldn’t they? It can be an expression of personal style, an ego booster, and, many times, an important component of people’s identities. This is why dealing with thinning hair — especially a sudden onset brought on by a medical condition — can be nothing short of […]

Thicker Fuller Hair – In the News Spring 2015

It’s spring! That means it’s time to reassess your hair. If you struggled with thinning hair and ignored it all winter, now is your time to address it. Bloggers recommend Thicker Fuller Hair’s Weightless Volumizing Hair Spray and Instantly Thick Serum as great solutions to thinning hair. Beautiful Mommies – Four Ways to Turn Winter […]

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Once the big countdown and ball drop are just a memory, many of us start considering the other big part of New Year’s: our resolutions. And while it can feel liberating to set these resolutions in place, it can feel equally discouraging when these goals fall quickly to the wayside in the midst of the […]

Thicker Fuller Hair – In the News Fall 2014

With summer long gone and fall upon us, don’t let the colder temperatures and wind get the best of your hair. Thicker Fuller Hair’s line of volumizing products will give your hair that added body you’ve pined for all year long. Also make sure you check out Soft & Dri and their variety of confidence […]

Thicker Fuller Hair on The Weather Channel

Could your hair use a boost? AMHQ’s Sam Champion explains how Thicker Fuller Hair is infused with caffeine to help energize your scalp. Watch now and learn what your locks have been missing.

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